MIT Regional Climate Model (MRCM) is a climate simulator over different regions. It is an advanced version of Regional Climate Model Version 3 (RegCM3) that includes all of the MIT-based upgrades done by Eltahir Group.


The major upgrade features included in the MRCM are summarized in the below Table:


Upgrade Features


Coupling of IBIS land surface scheme

Winter et al. (2009)

New surface albedo assignment

Marcella and Eltahir (2012)

Irrigation scheme

Im et al. (2014)

New convective cloud scheme

 Gianotti and Eltahir (2014 a)

New convective rainfall autoconversion scheme

Gianotti and Eltahir (2014 b)

Modified boundary layer height and boundary layer cloud scheme

Gianotti (2013)